Furnished Apartment in Grand Arch

For rent Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 5 INR 120000

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Furnished Apartment for Rent in Ireo Grand Arch

Ireo Grand Arch has in recent times been a preferred choice for living by Expats and other corporate executives moving to Gurgaon for long stays. The primary reason is the lavish club facilities offered at the Grand Arch Club House and the comfortable apartments with good quality maintenance facilities. When it comes to a good quality furnished apartment in Grand Arch and other communities in Gurgaon , the one name that definitely sticks out from the ordinary is VAYA Homes, primarily because of the careful touches and a keen eye for detail to delivery good quality furnished apartments in Gurgaon.

While most of the furnished apartments feel like apartments with furniture put into them and may still be functional, but when it comes to having that warm feeling of a home, VAYA certainly takes the lead. Thanks to the vision of delivering good quality furnished apartments as they call it “Homes with a Soul” along with a good sense of quality and aesthetics by the VAYA team.

One of the recent entries to their existing portfolio is a very nice 4 Bedroom Furnished Apartment in Grand Arch. This apartment is not only well located with a beautiful view of the rising sun, but has been curated by the VAYA team to deliver a quality living experience for the discerning expats moving to Gurgaon. Not to mention the passion of service & support for their tenants for the entire duration of the stay, considering the language barrier that always plays a havoc in dealing with the maintenance staff etc.  While each apartment goes through a rigorous testing on functionality of each element of the dwelling, The VAYA team is always available for any troubleshooting needs for their occupants, should the need arise.

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