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Semi Furnished Vs. Fully Furnished Apartments Gurgaon

Every city in the world has a typical language and words that denote specific attributes, when it comes to real estate in Gurgaon, there are some confusing terms which a lot of people would either get confused with or misinterpret them for something else only to find themselves in a tight spot later. We have tried to clarify a few commonly used terms in Gurgaon Real Estate circles, specifically when you are looking to rent a furnished apartments Gurgaon, you are bound to come across these terms and words, so here is the clarity.

Un Furnished or Semi Furnished: This is a term that is quite often used and a host of expat prospective tenants and people moving from other states of India wonder what that really means. So here is a clarification on this term called Un Furnished/Semi-Furnished Apartments in Gurgaon. While this term literally means that the apartment would be un furnished, however in common dialect it means that the “soft furniture would not be there.” So what does it really mean? Well Gurgaon has a large number of apartments that belong to investors who have invested to get a rental yield on the property while the property appreciates in value over a period of time. These investors get the apartments to a state of “Rent-able State”  which means that the basics like Fans, Lights, Wardrobes, Geysers would be there in the apartment to be able to rent it out. These necessary or basic elements are what you would find in almost every rent-able apartment in Gurgaon. In some cases, the apartments in “Semi-Furnished” condition also come with White Goods like Refrigerators/Washing Machine/Microwave Owens, these are typically the apartments that are newly constructed or the where the builder sold the apartments with these add-ons. It is advised to ask your consultant/broker as to what all is included in addition to the basics.

Fully Furnished/Furnished Apartments : This term is quite self explanatory, and would ideally mean that you get an apartment which has everything to move in with clothes. But that is not the ground reality, unlike the west, where you would move in with the clothes and move out with your clothes and live in a fully furnished apartment with all white goods as well as the cook ware etc. In India/Gurgaon, this terms has a lot of variation and grey area. In most cases, “Fully Furnished” as a term would mean, apartments with Sofas, Beds and tables. While it would not include the cook ware, linen, silver ware, glasses, plates, etc. While there are a handful of Providers of Furnished Apartments in Gurgaon which have created more complete homes with everything desirable for a comfortable living where in you can simply move in with your clothes and groceries and start living without the pain of acquiring and buying stuff. There are some companies like Vaya Homes, that have an eye for detail and have created homes that expats love to live in.

Word of Caution: Most importantly, the quality is the key!! Since the broker quality is not very educated and well traveled, most of them would have a very different picture of what a quality furnished apartment should stand for !!

Hopefully next time you go out in the market looking for an apartment, you would know better what to expect when the voice from the other side asks you questions like “Do you want Semi-Furnished Apartment?” or “Fully Furnished Apartment”?

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