Furnished Accommodation Gurgaon?

Furnished Accommodation in Gurgaon

If you have traveled well, you would definitely know what makes for a good quality furnished apartment. However, when it comes to India, the understanding may be completely different. There are many reasons for this, first of all, there are very limited players in the market place who are in the serious business of furnished accommodation in Gurgaon. Secondly, most of the ones that are in the serious business of accommodation providing don’t understand the meaning of offering a good quality furnished apartment. Thirdly, the broker community is far from understanding of a good quality furnished accommodation. Lets look at each of these and see what the possibilities are for hiring a good quality furnished apartment.

The Market Place for Furnished Apartments

The world over, the concept of furnished accommodation revolves around three primary markets, firstly, the tourist travelers and secondly the business travelers and thirdly, a need for furnished accommodation for expat community living in destinations which are attracting a lot of expats from other parts of the world to work and live in a particular destination. While the tourist travelers are mostly travelling to travel destinations which are primarily for the purpose of tourist visits and would chose to stay in a serviced/furnished accommodation vs. a hotel accommodation for various reasons like saving money, having a larger space, feeling more at home and a few other reasons.

The second category and the third category overlap with each other with short term business travelers as well as people moving from one part of the world to another for living and working on longer term assignments. While the second category of people would also chose serviced/furnished accommodations for shorter duration, the third category of people generally look for furnished accommodations offering long stay options and furnished homes that feel like homes.

Furnished Accommodation Gurgaon – Understanding The Market Place

Gurgaon is not a tourist destination, it is a business destination. Gurgaon’s Furnished Apartment Market primarily runs based on the basis of expats moving to Gurgaon for work and living. Amongst these most of them are Japanese, Koreans, Chinese while some part of it is the Europeans and Americans as well. There are only a handful of players who are in the serious business of providing long term furnished accommodation in Gurgaon and even a fewer that are truly providing Good Quality Furnished Accommodation in Gurgaon backed up by good quality after sales service.

The primary reason being lesser exposure to international markets and a lack of sense of aesthetics. As far as the broker community goes, it is a sad affair to see that they lack an understanding of Quality as a concept, so it is very difficult to actually relate to the expectations vs. deliverable when it comes to finding a good quality furnished accommodation in Gurgaon.

Amongst the players, Vaya Homes stands out as a credible name in the market place offering Good Quality Long Term Furnished Accommodation in Gurgaon, offering homes that are well furnished and a team that takes care of the minute details that make life comfortable as well as a team that goes beyond simply closing the deal, but also offers a superb after sales service to the occupants at various levels.

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