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Long Term Furnished Accommodation in Gurgaon

Most of the serviced apartments or furnished apartments are suitable for a short term stay, replacing a hotel room which could be claustrophobic if your stay is longer than a few days. However, in case you are looking to hire a Furnished accommodation in Gurgaon for a longer period of stay, which could run into months or years. There are a few things that one should look at before hiring such a space.

In this article we are discussing the makings of a good quality long term furnished accommodation and what are the critical aspects that would make it suitable for a long term stay.

The team at Vaya Homes– A service provider of good quality furnished accommodation in Gurgaon have drawn out a list of what they believe are critical aspects that one should consider before signing up for your new new abode… We hope that this is helpful in your pursuit of finding an ideal long term accommodation…Download in PDF format.


Water,  Electricity & Proper Drainage, these are some critical and most basic of necessities that one needs for survival and smooth life. While these may not be a point of concern in the developed countries, however, in India many places still struggle to have regular supply of these things. Thankfully, Gurgaon does not have any such problems, but not all homes are having a centralized mechanism to address these necessities. Only the apartments offered within  high rise condominiums offer a centralized management system that offers 24×7 supply of water and electricity and dedicated staff for handing other issues like drainage and electrical problems. Make sure that when you look out for continuity of such facilities.


When you are looking to hire a space which you want to call home for a long term stay, extending a few months to a year or more. You definitely need to make sure that it is going to be a comfortable space. The point is if you are not comfortable when you come back from work, you wont be happy and if you are not happy, you won’t enjoy your work and thus the whole cycle of well being is disturbed. So, what all you need to look out for from the comfort perspective. Well, first of all, you need to make sure that the sleeping space is well oriented with good quality mattresses and is clean and hygienic. The other space that you would be spending a lot of your time would be the living room and the dining space. When hiring a long term accommodation, you need to make sure that the living area and the dining space is well kept and comfortable and works for you, the best way is to imagine yourself in the space for a long term…when you are out visiting the spaces, if your heart says yes, then it is the right space for you.


Comfort without aesthetics would be something that would be a deterrent in happiness. So, if some space is comfortable and also appeals to your eyes and over all feel, then you are certainly going to enjoy your stay in the space. Kitchen in the home plays a vital role, not just it is a space for cooking meals, but also a space that brings the family together in many ways. It is important to make sure that the Kitchen is comfortable and well equipped as per your needs.


This of course is an important aspect to consider, although in most cases, you would have already decided before going out into the market as to what is the ideal size and number of bedrooms for your needs, this would have been assumed based on the size of the family and the various other needs.


Living in metropolitan cities like Gurgaon, you would find a lot of high rise apartment buildings that offer common area facilities and services. These are important to make sure that you spend least amount of time trouble shooting and stay focused on your core work. It is important to make sure that the agency looking after these services is a dependable agency and offers good quality maintenance services during your stay.


Most of the communities in Gurgaon offer club facilities and other entertainment and sport facilities, it is important for you to know these facilities available in the community that you plan to live in, also to make sure that there is some activity that you would like to pursue while you are living within the community to make sure that your time at home and weekends are well spent. For some it could be enjoying a swim, while for others it could be playing sports like Tennis or Soccer etc. The idea is to be able to find something that you could do in your leisure time. In case of expats, some of the good service providers provide local language cable television etc. Do look out for these options as well.


There are certain things that are necessary to have for a long term stay. These would include Washing Machine, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Hobs, Chimneys, Microwave Oven, Dishwashers, Televisions, Ironing Boards and Irons etc. Make sure that the home that you plan to hire for long term has all these functional and in some cases try to have AMC on equipment that are being offered, even if they are paid, it just takes the headache away.


Being connected to the rest of the world is more important than ever before, having a good quality internet with high speed and enough data to take you through each month is another very important aspect of hiring a long term furnished accommodation in Gurgaon. In some communities there is a choice of choosing the vendor/service provider, while in others there isn’t. So, it is important to know  what you are getting into upfront, not to regret later.

Safety & Security:

Not all homes come with Safety & Security features in Gurgaon, however, most of the high rise condominiums have a well developed and established security system with 24×7 guards and access control entry and exits. This is important specially when you are with family and have a hectic travel routine outside the city. You need to be stress free about the security of your loved ones while you are travelling.


Convenience of being able to step out to buy basic groceries, medicines & dairy products of daily needs is important. While apps like Milk Basket etc. today offer delivery at the door step, however, in some cases, you can’t wait for the next day delivery to happen and would need to go out and buy some such items immediately. It is important that the community you choose, has an option like that. Also convenience of services like Uber/Ola and other cab services is important, so make sure that your community has regular and uninterrupted service like that.


This of course is an important aspect in your pursuit of finding the ideal long term furnished accommodation in Gurgaon. Making sure that your office is in good proximity of your residence and children’s school and spouse’s work place is in close proximity are important. While in Linear cities this plays a much bigger role to get from one point to another, cities like Gurgaon which is more round, it may still not be a big concern. However, this particular aspect has to be related to many other aspects like cost, apartment/community appeal, willingness to go the distance for better facilities etc. So, this may be subject to many things. We have noticed in the past that some clients prefer to be centrally located, while others prefer to save on costs and enjoy better facilities in newer condominiums and are willing to go the extra distance.


Costs are of course always a factor that would play a role in getting an accommodation. Ideally the rental cost including the utilities should not exceed 30% of your income. In case it exceeds more than that, you would be considered to be “cost burdened. However, in case of furnished accommodation one can leverage it to 40% considering the depreciation that one would have to incur in case of buying the furniture and other household items etc., not to mention the inconvenience and lack of nimbleness that one would have to factor in when you own furniture vs. renting a furnished long term accommodation in Gurgaon.


The specific apartment’s orientation is also an important aspect. Generally, west balconies would be avoided in Gurgaon, considering that homes with west balconies tend to get very hot in summers. Gurgaon is a 9 month summer location, which is important to note. Homes with West balconies tend to use more electricity and resources due to running of air conditioners etc. While on the other hand, North Balconies will not get any sun at all. The most popular and preferred orientation in Gurgaon is East or South Balconies. However, this truly depends on personal choice and personal needs.

Post Closure Services:

When renting a long term furnished accommodation in Gurgaon, it is important that the service provider that you are signing up with has an intent and ability to deliver post moving services, these would include help in trouble shooting any teething issues during the movement and for a few days after moving in. In some cases, people have signed up with service providers which don’t care much after the deal is closed. It is important to have the right partners by your side that can be by your side and available to help during the entire stay. In a lot of cases, where expats are moving in, there could be language barriers, so it is all the more important to have partners who can mediate between the various service providers/maintenance agencies and you.

While these pointers can be guiding, we know that home is where the heart is, it is more of an emotional decision than a decision of the mind, however, we certainly hope that these pointers come in handy for you in your pursuit of finding an ideal long term furnished accommodation in Gurgaon.

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