Furnished Apartments Gurgaon

Furnished Apartments Gurgaon

Gurgaon is buzzing with activity and therefore the need for good quality furnished apartments for rent in Gurgaon is on the rise. The visitors to Gurgaon come for various needs, some for work purposes, some visiting family either in Gurgaon or Delhi, some for Medical Purposes, considering that Gurgaon has some major hospitals with international level of medical facilities. In this article, we have tried to outline the various purposes for which people from across the globe are visiting Gurgaon and the best choices that they may have for renting a good quality Furnished Apartment in Gurgaon.

Traveling for Work

Most of the travelers to Gurgaon are for work purpose, this is not surprising, when a city is host to most of the multinational company head quarters or home to a host of other national and multi national company offices, needless to mention being an important suburb to the capital city of one of the fastest growing economy in the world. Typically, a a work traveler to Gurgaon would seek for three kinds of places to stay in Gurgaon. These are simply categorized as Short Stay Apartments, Medium Stay Apartments or Long Stay Apartments. Totally depending on the need of each specific traveler, they would explore options of furnished apartments that would fit into their specific needs.

A short term work traveler would ideally look for either a hotel room or a guest house in Gurgaon and would ideally like to book a space which is either close to the office area or that fits into other needs like budget and facilities etc., while a medium stay traveler would look for a slightly larger space like a furnished apartment or a serviced apartment in Gurgaon, needless to mention that distance from office remains a key driving factor apart from other facilities that one may choose specifically. The Long Term Stay traveler typically would hire a furnished apartment on a long lease in one of the condominiums in Gurgaon, again the criteria for choice may vary from picking up a space which is close to the office, distance from children’s school, distance from spouse’s work place, shopping area access, daily need access and various other factors like lifestyle locations, friend circle, other peer group lifestyle etc.

Travelling for Leisure

Gurgaon being a suburb to Delhi and also now being an important city on the global map for having become a major IT hub always attracts leisure travelers, these would include people who simply want to strike off the city’s name from the bucket list of places to visit or visiting a relative or family to just visiting for fun. Leisure travelers would typically look out for more upmarket hotels in Gurgaon for short stay or good quality serviced apartments in Gurgaon for medium to long stay to make sure that they enjoy their stay in Gurgaon.

A typical criteria for a leisure traveler for picking the right space would be location being close to the fun areas as well as the facilities and the overall look and feel of the property. In some cases they may try to find places to stay which are close to their relatives and family etc. Depending on the family size or number of people traveling the size of property would vary, in case the traveler opts for a furnished apartment in Gurgaon or a Serviced Apartment in Gurgaon, they would hire a 1 bedroom serviced apartment in Gurgaon or a studio serviced apartment in Gurgaon for a single person or two people, in case there are 2 to 4 travelers, then they would typically pick a 2 bedroom serviced apartment in Gurgaon to have a comfortable stay.

Travelling for Medical Reasons

Gurgaon has seen a huge surge of travelers who travel for medical reasons. Over the past few years, Gurgaon has seen some really good quality hospitals and nursing homes come up in the city attracting a lot of medical tourism to the city not just from within India, but also from various parts of the globe. Medical Tourists would typically travel in a group of 2 to 3 people, which would include 1 patient who is actually needing the treatment and 1 or 2 care takers to make sure that all needs are met.

While the patient would be admitted for a surgery or a procedure in the hospital, the care takers typically need a separate accommodation in Gurgaon, the reason being that most hospitals would not allow a sleep over of the care taker with the patient within the hospital premises. Mostly, people travelling for medical purposes, would like to stay as close as possible to the hospital facility to make sure that they have a quick access to the hospital in case of any emergency as well as save on costs for travelling. That is the reason that one would find a lot of guest houses sprouted up near all major hospitals in Gurgaon offering all facilities for such travelers. This market has evolved so much now, that some of the guest houses in Gurgaon even offer meals and menus of the countries that their guests are arriving from, making them feel at home away from home in Gurgaon. In some cases, even the condominiums near the hospitals have been converted into Furnished Apartments for the purpose of stay for medical tourists.

Good Quality Furnished Apartments in Gurgaon

While there are many options of finding hotels online that have a good descriptive view to be able to shortlist a good hotel on your desktop or even on your mobile phone, however, when it comes to apartments it does get a bit tricky, the first and foremost reason for this is that unlike a hotel which is an organized setup offering a specific kind of service and a standard that goes along the brand name of the hotel, apartments on the other hand are typically hosted by individual hosts and owners. This means that there is no specific set standard, unless you find a good quality serviced apartment provider in Gurgaon offering a standardized service quality. While with the changing times, now we do have some organized websites like AirBnB Gurgaon which offer some good quality air bnb apartments in Gurgaon, however it is difficult to make out the quality online and therefore it is better to stick to only the Air BNB Super Hosts in Gurgaon

When you are travelling with family or even by yourself, you don’t want to take a chance on the quality of accommodation and want to be sure that you do get the best for your money and enjoy a happy and satisfying stay. This is where some of the quality serviced apartment providers come into play, you may want to try VAYA Homes – with an experience of over 2 decades in the business of leasing of furnished apartments to expats and senior executives, the owners are a couple based out of Gurgaon and are passionate about quality, be it the furnishings or the services offered.

VAYA Homes offers two kinds of accommodations, 1 BHK & 2 BHK fully furnished and fully serviced apartments in Gurgaon with Self Cooking Facility. These apartments offer a comfortable stay for the occupants with cozy furnishings that feel like home and not a hotel but with all modern amenities like High Speed Internet, Movie Streaming, Large Size LCD, Amazon Fire Stick, Music System, Beds with Comfortable Mattresses and Clean Linen at all times. The best part is that these are Service Apartments with Self Cooking Facility in Gurgaon, so while you always have the option of ordering food online, you can also explore your culinary skills at the apartments.