DLF Magnolias

Furnished Apartments in Gurgaon

Gurgaon offers all kinds of lifestyles, there are regular apartments in budget communities as well as super luxury apartments like DLF Magnolias. Within these residential communities, there are options of renting Furnished Apartments as well as Serviced Apartments. There are various categories of Furnished Apartments in Gurgaon, starting from a budget 2 bedroom apartment to a luxurious large size furnished apartments for rent in DLF Magnolias.

Furnished Apartments in DLF Magnolias

DLF Magnolias is one of the most luxurious address in Gurgaon, the reason is that all apartments overlook the large golf greens of the DLF Golf Club, and of course being a luxury residential community, DLF Magnolias also boasts of a very elite club house with pretty much everything inside it, even a Sports Bar with large screens to watch your favorite games. While most of the apartments in DLF Magnolias are semi-furnished, there are some apartments that come as fully furnished apartments in DLF Magnolias. There are two scenarios here, one would be that the owners had to move to another destination and so they have left it as furnished, or the owners designed it to be rented out as Furnished Apartments, whatever be the case, there are a few good quality furnished apartments in Magnolias.

Here are some pictures of the actual furnished apartments for rent in DLF Magnolias:

Living & Dining Areas:

Kitchen Area:


TV Lounge:

Entrance Lobby:

Balconies, Terraces & Views:


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