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Furnished Apartments in Gurgaon

Gurgaon has seen a lot of influx of both expats as well as executives coming to work from other cities of India. The primary reason for the move is that Gurgaon offers a lot of work opportunities. Typically, the ideal accommodation that the expats look for is Furnished Apartments in Gurgaon. This blog is all about the various offerings of Furnished Apartments in Gurgaon that are available for taking.

Furnished Apartments in Ireo Grand Arch Gurgaon

Ireo Grand Arch has been getting a lot of expats and senior executives working with Multinational companies lately, the primary reason being the overall modern outlook of the community with large windows and higher ceilings of the apartments and not to mention the state of the art club facilities offered at Ireo Grand Arch.

There are some limited options of Fully Furnished Apartments in Ireo Grand Arch, which come up for renting every once in a while. Currently there are some good quality 3 bedroom furnished apartments in Ireo Grand Arch that are available for expats or senior executives.

The Rental Range is between 55,000 to 85,000 depending upon the kind of furniture deployed, the size and location of the specific apartment.

Here are some videos and picture of one of the furnished apartment for rent in Ireo Grand Arch:

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