VAYA Homes – Happy to earn the trust of this family from Poland moving to Gurgaon

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We were fortunate to have recently worked with a Eastern European family moving to Gurgaon and interestingly, when language becomes a barrier along with lack of trust in a new country, it becomes a daunting task to settle down with ease in a new city. It is difficult for foreigners to trust Indians, specially with so much negative news in the media that is being shown all the times. It was an equally challenging task for us to earn the trust of this couple from our Polish Guests and assure them that they are in safe hands, but kudos to the team, we did it again !!

Apart from the task of getting them settled into a comfortable furnished apartment in Gurgaon that they could call home, it was important to make sure that they get well acquainted with the city and get the proper orientation of various aspects of “where to buy what” and “where to find what” within Gurgaon. The team worked with patience and diligence to help not only find a good quality furnished apartment in Gurgaon for them, but also helped them feel at home with various aspects of their long stay in Gurgaon.

We had a notice of just 3 days to get the apartment ready from scratch to a fully functional, furnished apartment with all gadgets etc in place for the family to move in and start living, it was certainly an uphill task to put all the things together and that too aesthetically and making sure that the apartment is comfortable and ready to be occupied. During this period, we had to work on testing the various equipment already provided in the apartment like the air conditioners, geysers etc. as well as place new equipment and furniture to make it feel like a home. Being in the business of Furnished Apartments in Gurgaon, it took the team precisely 3 days and we were ready to welcome our expat guests into the apartment and that too in style.

It was interesting to see that the client felt not only comfortable, but also appreciated our furnished apartment for rent in Gurgaon as one of the better ones that they had seen so far in Gurgaon. Grateful to the almighty and the team at VAYA, not only did we earn the client’s respect and trust, but also earned the trust and respect for our country. While there is not much that one can do on things that are out of the circle of influence, however, the team did everything that was within their circle of influence to make sure that this polish family will have only good things to say about their experience of home search in Gurgaon and the People of India. An exceptional display of by the VAYA Homes Team. Kudos to the Team at VAYA Homes !!

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