Ireo Skyon

Ireo Skyon has come up to be a very popular destination for Expats who are looking to be in a central location, yet enjoy the peace and tranquility of being closer to nature as well as away from the noise and pollution and needless to mention the affordable pricing of Furnished Apartments in Skyon. The primary reason for this is that Ireo Skyon is strategically located on the Golf Course Extension Road, which is the new destination for Expats to live, while the prices of Furnished Apartments on the Golf Course Road are high, The Furnished Apartments on Golf Course Extension Road on the other hand are relatively cheaper, but that is not the only reason for Expats to occupy these apartments, being a new location and newer communities, the facilities at these apartments are modern and the overall look and feel of these apartments are more modern.

Here are some Actual Pictures of Ireo Skyon Community.

Considering that the Expats typically would either be living single or a couple, Ireo Skyon as a specific community is quite popular, as it offers very comfortable 2 bedroom apartments with Heating & Cooling Air conditioners and a secured environment with loads of Green Spaces within the community. Also the fact that the community is tucked away from the noise and pollution as it is off the main roads, makes it a great choice for those who appreciate peace and tranquility. The location is also interesting as it is just a 5 minute drive to the Golf Course Road (The Downtown area of Gurgaon), and Uber and Ola both service providers of Cabs operate regularly in the vicinity. The nearest metro station too is just a 5 minute drive from Ireo Skyon.

Furnished Apartments in Ireo Skyon

When it comes to Furnished Apartments in Skyon, there are a few good quality apartments that have been designed keeping Expats in mind. The primary advantage being these apartments come fully ready with everything from furniture to kitchen equipment to serving dishes to crockery to wine glasses and electronic equipment, some of them even offer Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV as an added service. The point is to be able to remain nimble and move in with your clothes and move out with your clothes, nothing needed to be bought. The word of caution is that not all Furnished Apartments in Ireo Skyon would be of good quality, however, there are some service providers who have done a brilliant job not only with the apartment interiors, but also the quality of service that they provide (Call us to give you a tour of these apartments).

Here are some actual pictures of such good quality fully furnished apartments in Ireo Skyon.

Furnished Apartments For Rent in Ireo Skyon

Here are some interesting options of Furnished Apartments in Ireo Skyon

Pink Flamingo @ Ireo Skyon

Blue Lotus @ Ireo Skyon

Sundowner @ Ireo Skyon