Luxury Condos on Golf Course Extn Road

Best Residential Communities on Golf Course Extn. Road

We understand that each family has different needs and aspirations, that’s what makes us all unique. When it comes to home hunting, no two families would have the same opinion about an apartment complex or a specific apartment. However, there are some parameters that we have been studying over the long 2 decade experience based on which we have gathered a list of luxury condos on golf course extn. road. We sincerely hope that these inputs will help you in your pursuit of finding the perfect home for yourself.

Furnished Apartments on Golf Course Extension Road

When you are considering moving to Gurgaon, you obviously want to know which are the best areas to live in Gurgaon. Golf Course Extension Road is a kin to the Golf Course Road, as the name suggests, it is an extension of the Golf Course Road, essentially, it is the beginning of the road where the Golf Course Road ends. Being a road that is the closest to the most upmarket area (Golf Course Road), this location although new, has had a tremendous success in the last few years. There have been both Commercial and Residential developments along this road offering organizations a more reasonably priced alternative to expensive office space as well as good quality residential options for those who don’t mind an additional 10 minutes drive, but would like to spend lesser without compromising on the lifestyle.

While most of the commercial developments are along the main Golf Course Extension Road, the residential developments are just off the main road, allowing for a more peaceful environment for living away from the main road noise and pollution. The Luxury Condos on Golf Course Extn Road are modern and offer good quality living opportunities, however, not all the communities can be termed as modern and luxurious in this location, there are some older buildings on this location. We would be talking about the various worthwhile residential communities offering fully furnished apartments on the Golf Course Extension Road in this article to make it easier for the discerning tenants in their pursuit of finding a good quality furnished accommodation on Golf Course Extension Road. Here is the list of the worthwhile residential communities offering Furnished Apartments on Golf Course Extension Road Gurgaon:

  1. Ireo Grand Arch – Modern Residential Community with a good quality club house.
  2. Ireo Skyon – Modern Residential Community with a Good Quality Club House and Large Central Green Area.
  3. Ireo Victory Valley – Modern Residential Community with multi-layered recreational area.
  4. M3M Merlin – Modern Residential Community with good quality apartments.
  5. M3M Golf Estate – Modern Residential Community with Good Quality Club House
  6. Emaar Marbella – Villas only Gated Residential Community.
  7. Emaar Palm Drive – Affordable Residential Community with good club facilities.
  8. Sovereign Apartments – Affordable Residential Apartments in a gated community with lot of greenery.

In case you are looking for a furnished apartment on Golf Course Extension Road Gurgaon, you can simply send us a query and our professionals will help you in your pursuit of finding the right living option.

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