Luxury Condos on Sohna Road

Sohna Road is an important location within Gurgaon, while initially the location did not have much to talk about when it comes to Luxury Residential Communities in Gurgaon, however there are just a couple of very important and exclusive luxury residential communities on Sohna Road that have become the favorites for Expats and well to do local residents. In case you are in the market for a luxury furnished apartment for rent on Sohna Road, then you should only be looking at the below listed residential complexes, rest is not going to be worth the while. So you can count on our 20 years of experience and save some time and effort for your selves.

Furnished Apartments in Central Park Resorts – Luxury Residential Communities on Sohna Road

Central Park resorts is the only high rise residential community on Sohna Road that fits into the bill of being a luxury condominium on Sohna Road. One of the key highlights of this residential community is the large central park, which is probably one of the largest park ever to be hosted within a residential complex. The other highlights are a very swanky club house with a host of five star style features.

The community fits perfectly well for someone with kids as the kids zone is really exclusive and well curated, if you have kids then this community should be on the top of your list. Another interested fact about Central Park Resorts is that there is no vehicle movement on the ground level within the community, so one can feel completely secured letting the kids being on their own, all vehicles move through a network of underground tunnels created to connect all the towers through the basement.

The apartments are also decently done up and offer a lot of space within the apartment and are airy and well lit. The offerings start from a 2 bedroom apartment to a large 4 bedroom apartment within the community, thus offering something for every one. Our team has curated these Actual Pictures of the Central Park Resorts Community, and some more blog articles that my be of interest to you.

There is also opportunity to rent Furnished Apartments in Central Park Resorts as there are a few service providers and some landlords who are letting out their apartments as fully furnished apartments. In case you are looking to rent an apartment at Central Park Resorts be it semi-furnished or fully furnished apartment, then we can help you with a smooth transition and move.

Villas for Rent in Tatvam Villas – Luxury Residential Communities on Sohna Road

The second community which is considered to be a luxury residential community on Sohna Road is Tatvam Villas. This is a very unique and different kind of residential community in Gurgaon. First of all, it is an “Only Villas” Community. Tatvam Villas offers various sizes of independent villas to fit any family size, starting from 240 sq.yrds to 1000 sq.yrds. The configuration starts from a 3 bedroom to 5 bedroom and a family lounge fo rthe largest size villa.

Some of the interesting features of Tatvam Villas is that the villas come with a private swimming pool, specially a great feature for the larger size villas as the size of the swimming pool in the larger villas is actually a very good size offering a perfect feature. Our team has spent time to click some pictures and videos of Tatvam Villas community and individual homes that are available for rent, you can click on the link to find information and other links to various articles on Tatvam Villas.

There are some very limited furnished villas for rent in Tatvam, these come by once in a while as there are not many furnished villas in Tatvam Villas. In case you are considering renting a Villa at Tatvam, then we can certainly help, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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