Luxury Condos on MG Road

MG Road is a very prominent location where Gurgaon is concerned, however it is more of a commercial location and less of a residential location. The entire road is filled with either commercial office blocks or retail malls and other retail outlets. At this point in time, there is no specific luxury residential communities on MG Road, however, there is one community that is popular with expats and people working around the Cyber Hub or DLF Cyber City area.

Furnished Apartments in MGF Vilas – Luxury Residential Communities on MG Road, Gurgaon.

MGF Vilas is probably the only residential community that can be categorized as luxury, not because of the features or the quality of apartments, but because of the default of nothing else being available specifically on MG Road that can fit into the luxury category. Offering a mix of 2, 3 & 4 bedroom apartments and some villas within the community.

Our team has spent time to put together some information about MGF Vilas including images, videos and other details. Please feel free to click on the link to find out more information about this community. In case you are looking for a furnished apartment in MGF Vilas, we have a few good quality options. Please feel free to connect with us.

One good thing about gurgaon is that it is a small area and if you are looking specifically for luxury living, then it is even smaller radius to work around, most of the luxury residences are located on the golf course road and a few more on golf course extension road and just one or two on sohna road. The good news is that everything in Gurgaon is between 15 to 30 minute travel time, so you can actually chose a community that works best for you and feels right.

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