Is there a Subtle Side of Real Estate?

With over 2 decades of having serviced and helped landlords for representing their quality assets & tenants to find and move into good quality furnished apartments, it has been a regime to ask our customers for a genuine feedback about their experience in home hunting in India, there has been one consistent feedback from almost all our tenants…“It is Very difficult to explain Luxury to Brokers in Gurgaon, there is a completely different idea that they have in their minds vs. ours, Glad to have found you guys who we can relate to and who understand…”, on the other hand, this is what the landlords have to say more often than not…“It is difficult to find quality realtors who can truly do justice to a quality asset, make good quality representation, happy to have worked with you guys, it has been a fulfilling experience”

Not just from the clients, but even the internal feedback of our agents has been quite similar, it is actually difficult to explain and relate to brokers in Gurgaon. There is nothing wrong with the brokers, however, it seems that this is more of an exposure issue. So, the fact that in India, there is not much needed for anyone to start a brokerage business, unlike the west, where you are required to go through a proper training, take exams, get certified and then you are eligible to work on your first transaction. This obviously means that anyone gets attracted to the big money that brokerage business has the potential to spin, being capital investments, just simply needs to have a mobile phone and an email id to start transacting….only to realize that it is certainly not all that simple.

But that is just one of the aspects, the bigger concerns are things like Soft Skills, Ability to Understand, Ability to represent, Ability to relate the aspects of the property to the prospective tenant’s lifestyle and actually be able to communicate these aspects…well, this would actually have many facets to it, starting from understanding of the basic requirements to the aspirations to the needs and more than anything else, the ability to decipher the current lifestyle of the prospective client and then being able to offer something commensurate to that. Typically, brokers in Gurgaon would start throwing properties at clients without even understanding the core needs and lifestyle needs of the client. On the other hand, when it comes to landlord representation, they would simply say “Ho Jayega Sir, Karwa denge Sir” and start bringing in prospective tenants whose needs may not even be anywhere close to the property being offered, thus wasting time, effort and resources for all stakeholders.

Obviously, there are subtler things that are beyond measurements of sq.ft. or number of rooms etc. which is something that one would only know if you have moved in a certain strata of the market or if you have lived abroad or traveled well. So, actually speaking, the job that most of the brokers in gurgaon are doing is of buying and selling data and of showing properties, rest of the stuff happens on it’s own, if it has to happen.

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