The Real Challenge that India Inc Faces in current times…

One of the biggest problem that one faces in India is of “not being delivered what is being promised” in deeper cores, the issue really is of integrity more than anything else. This problem has taken up a whole new dimension with the online arena opening up, you see something online, you like it and then you order it, however, only to be thoroughly disappointed to receive a completely inferior product or service.

The issue here is that you may see a fancy image of a product or service online and get intrigued by it, you will never be sure if the product in the offering would really be the one you saw online, and chances are that you will end up feeling cheated at the end of the day for having ordered or bought and not being delivered in the same spirit.

While it is a question of integrity in the attitude, I would say professional photography could be one of the culprits for this if I may call it “miscommunication” or “misleading the consumer”, each advertiser tries to portray a better image of the product or service by way of getting a professional photography done and by tweaking the images to look completely different from what the real deal, in some cases, they even stoop down to just simply stealing a good picture from any other online portal and use it, this is actually becoming more and more apparent in hospitality industry or travel industry. You see a fancy room for rent, apartment for rent or a hotel and you book it, only to be thoroughly disappointed by what you actually see when you land up at the property.

The same story goes with websites that promote various products and services online, specially the online travel websites that show beautiful angles of properties with enhanced colors and well presented images that have been clicked by professionals, while the real deal may be completely different. It is important to understand that the online and offline depiction of the spaces may have some disparity, but cannot be completely different on arrival, imagine the disappointment that the consumer would actually go through and ultimately become an unhappy customer who will not only never return but also bad mouth instead of becoming a loyal happy customer, well if one takes a long term perspective instead of a short term money making attitude, it actually all bounces back to the advertiser/business owner, its only a question of the attitude of “Short Term” money making vs. “Long Term” brand building aimed at repeat customers.

Another important thing to note specially in the travel business is the timing of the images being uploaded, for all you know, the images were taken when the property was brand new and the same images are being shown even after 10 years of aging that the property might have gone through to become depleted and completely different from what it used to be.

How a Home Maker turned Entrepreneur is Solving the Issue.

Simply put, by being truthful and honest !! Its that simple. Furnished apartments by VAYA Homes look and feel the same as they appear online, they do not use professional photographers to enhance images and neither do they use generic downloaded fancy looking images to make their properties look more superior than what they really are. The idea that they have embraced is to remain truthful and showcase what they have to offer in reality. Its a different story that they may end up under promising and over delivering, which they believe is something of value to their customers.

In some cases, they actually bring forth the challenges that one may face in some of their properties due to new construction or any limitations that their customers may have for usage of various aspects of their properties etc. and why not? Let the truth be known and offer special pricing for the early birds who may want to enjoy the discount and try out the property irrespective of the limitations. At least, they do not feel cheated or let down and thankfully, their customers have so far appreciated this forthright truthful approach rather than a misleading sales approach.

We were impressed by this interesting fresh way to look at things, so we decided to interview the people behind VAYA Homes, Gurgaon.

I have been truthful at all times, that’s who I am, I don’t need to mislead anyone to create wealth. Moreover, I would rather have happy customers to enjoy coming back to my apartments, than to have customers who paid me and were unhappy.

I feel that it has a lot to do with energy exchange here, which most of us probably don’t relate to in the current times, where short term mentality of “What money am I making Today” has taken over most people’s lives….its unfortunate, that people don’t realize that it affects not only their own business, but on a deeper level, it affects the entire nation and the reputation of people as a nation.

Shilpa Bhargava, Home Maker turned Entrepreneur – Co-Founder @ VAYA Homes.

In an Interview with Qualtors, this is what one of the founders of VAYA Homes had to say…

VAYA Homes is a fresh brand aimed at creating comfortable spaces for people traveling to Gurgaon for short, medium or long term stays. Not only are their apartments fresh in look and feel, but the entire attitude towards hospitality seems to be a breath of fresh air. At the moment VAYA Homes offers some good quality furnished apartments in Gurgaon with semi-luxury furnishings and well equipped good quality serviced apartments in Gurgaon. The founders plan to create more such homes pan India in the near future.

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