Work Ready Homes in Gurgaon

Are you ready to Work From Home? This startup claims they are !!

We all agree that the world is changing the way it works and we are too. It seems that Working from home is likely to be the new normal. Well during the Covid Lockdown, one company has been busy creating Work Ready Homes in Gurgaon. Vaya Homes an innovative startup and a provider of Quality Furnished Homes in Gurgaon has been working on putting together things that are needed for perfect “Work From Home” spaces.

Here is what to expect from Vaya Homes in the post Covid times. Presenting fully equipped “work ready homes” and absolutely ready for “Work from Home” in Gurgaon. Here are a few things that we have added to our homes to enable people to work from home with ease and safety. We spoke to VAYA Homes team, here is what they had to say was baking at VAYA during the Covid Lockdown !!

Homes with a Study Area in Gurgaon

The First and foremost is to have a specific area within the home to help work from home at peace with privacy. We have created space within each of our home with a Study Table, comfortable seating and with a warm inviting environment to help you feel the office atmosphere while being at home.

Homes with High Speed Internet

The Second thing that you need is High Speed Internet at home to be able to communicate effectively with video calls and conferences taking lead in the new world post Covid. So, we have added the best in class service providers to provide high speed internet with fibre optic cables, enabling speeds upto 300 mbps.

Unlimited Internet Data

With the growing need for communication over video chats and calls, we have formed strategic tie up with the best in class high speed internet providers and added unlimited data to our homes, enabling you to work without worry or struggling to upgrade plans etc.

Print Documents at Home

Another interesting gadget that we have added to our homes is a small yet effective printer on your desk to make sure that you don’t get stuck with the things that you are used to at office. So if you have a document to print, go for it.

Office Like Stationary.

Complete stationary and tools that you are used to in office have been added to the desk space to help you work smoothly and with ease from home. You won’t struggle to find a stapler, a punching machine, a paper cutter, a notebook, envelopes or a highlighter pen or A4 size paper . We’ve got you covered. We have also tied up with some key service providers to deliver office supplies at short notice, so if you run out of paper or staples, we’ve got you covered with supplies within a few minutes at your doorstep.

Work Ready Homes come with White Boards

We understand that some of us like to use a white board to either create flow charts or write ideas that they can reflect upon later. We have added a writable whiteboard that is also magnetic, so you can stick paper written notes too. Yes, the markers are provided too 🙂

Tiered Paper Tray

In & Out trays are obviously essential for a work environment to make sure that all your tasks are complete at the right time. So, we thought we should add that too for your convenience.

Courier Service at your doorstep

We have created strategic tie ups with key service providers to help pick up and deliver important mail at a click of a button. No more you need to worry about sending important documents, it’s done.

With our “Work Ready Homes”, you are equipped for success and that too in style !!

Well, it’s nice to see a startup using the lockdown time to get creative and ready for the world post Covid. They even claim that their homes are Entertainment Ready and Service Ready and that too in some of the most premium residential communities in Gurgaon.

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